Definition of a cosmetic

  • WHAT THEY ARE Cosmetics, unlike drugs, applied to the skin have the function of moisturizing, softening, perfuming the skin,
  • keep it in good condition and protect it from external agents. They are not medical devices or drugs, but they are a valuable aid
  • to prevent redness, cracking, dehydration and protection from atmospheric agents such as sunlight and intense cold.
  • COSMETIC FORMS We find cosmetics in different forms. The most common are those that we normally use daily for hygiene, as a preliminary to the subsequent treatment. A good habit not to be underestimated as the skin will be well hydrated and healthy
  • Choosing the right cosmetic for your skin type is essential.
  • FUNCTIONS Cleansing milks have the function of purifying the skin by removing particles and impurities accumulated in the pores and on the skin surface
  • Aqueous solutions such as Tonics composed of soothing and refreshing alcohol-free waters reinvigorate the skin. To be used after the detergent.
  • Emulsions that include more or less fluid creams have the function of softening, moisturizing, purifying, protecting. Specific for each skin type and increasingly effective with the addition of the protective factor. Moisturizing day creams and as a make-up base, super nourishing night creams that benefit the skin by absorbing these mix of emulsified oils mixed with vitamins and collagen.
  • Serums and Gels, usually powerful anti-wrinkle, with increasingly advanced formulations that have the filling function thanks to the hyaluronic acid and collagen that compose them. Constant care that replaces punctures but equally effective to give a bright and smooth face.
  • Lightening serums for skin with acne spots, pregnancy spots or age spots have the function of exfoliating the part affected by excess melanin.
  • Massage oils, an ancient remedy but always a valid ally to soften and nourish the skin of the body. Blends of perfumed or balsamic oils after a shower complete daily hygiene.
  • Chemical or mechanical peels with exfoliating products that have the function of removing dead cells on the surface layer of the epidermis,
  • stimulating cell renewal.
  • LABELS All information regarding the cosmetic must be reported on the label. Expiration date less than or more than two and a half years with the foresight that the product is intact and perfectly preserved Pao expiry after opening from three to six months always respecting hygiene rules, such as washing hands before touching the product and preferably use a spoon to avoid contamination.i.
  • Inci in descending order in order to read the composition and ingredients of the product. How to use on how to use the product in order to guarantee the effect declared in the descriptions. Warnings on what to avoid in order to protect the consumer from damage. Finally, the batch and expiry date clearly visible on the label. Should an anomaly or a danger for the consumer be detected, reference is made to the lot number to identify the product and possibly withdraw it from the market.